How to top-up your LOCA Wallet with CASH via the drivers

How to top-up your LOCA Wallet with CASH via the drivers

Sometimes it is hard to get change or small change is impossible to get. Maybe you just want to get into Loca car and get off without worry about the payment. Well, you may use the LOCA Money feature to pay for your ride. There is no fee or top-up or use your LOCA Money to pay for your LOCA trip. Topping up can be done by a credit card (again no fee is charge*).  

However, some of our customers have been requesting if the top-up can be done by giving CASH to the drivers. We've been testing this model for some time and we would like to announce that now it is OFFICIAL that you can top up your LOCA Wallet with CASH via the driver and it can be done very easily as below:

1. Before you press "Confirm Booking" please make sure you select payment method as LOCA Money (You can still book with zero balance)

2. At the end of the trip, you will be asked to pay CASH for your trip because you don't have a balance in your Wallet. All you have to do is pay your trip with CASH with an extra amount more than your trip to the driver to enter into your account. 

3. The driver will enter the total amount he/she received cash from you. You are ready to go...

Now the remaining amount from the CASH you gave to the driver will go to your LOCA Wallet so you can use this amount for your next trip without having to worry about the change or small bills. 

The driver will ask for cash payment whenever your balance is not enough to cover the trip, and you can repeat this process to pay and top up. 




*topping up Loca wallet with a credit card is free of charge, however, the if the customer requests the refund for the remain balance, the fee of 5%+3000KIP of the original top-up amount will be applied.

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