Introducing LOCA GRO - On-demand grocery shopping and more...

Introducing LOCA GRO - On-demand grocery shopping and more...


LOCA emphasizing the success by launching a new e-commerce service “LOCA GRO”

Vientiane, May 4th, 2020 - LOCA is proud to announce the launch of a new service LOCA GRO the “on-demand grocery and everything else…” The O2O where we connect you, consumer to the local retail inventories. LOCA GRO launches the service with choices of groceries and household products from the leading retailers in Vientiane.

The service provides an exclusive delivery by a private driver directly from the shop into the front door of the customer within 2 hours. With the strong and largest private driver network, LOCA GRO ready to provide the service that allows users to buy a larger quantity, and no limit order size with the flat delivery fee starts from 15,000 LAK to no more than 30,000 LAK per order.

LOCA GRO aims to be the first 100% O2O cashless shopping experience by enabling the payment solution for Debit and Credit Card like VISA, Master Card, and the well-known and largest local consumer payment like BCEL ONEPAY. With the payment solution, the customers will be able to make their payment online and in-app seamlessly. As Mr. Souliyo Vongdala, the CEO of LOCA COMPANY LIMITED said “More bank will be added later on the next phase to accommodate more consumers and promote the cashless society” LOCA GRO is not only launched to provide a convenient lifestyle to consumers, but we see LOCA GRO as the full solution e-commerce platform for local business to get access to more consumers via online sale channel.

Mr. Souliyo also added that “connecting online consumers to offline local business will help support Lao SME to grow faster” With LOCA GRO platform, local businesses will be able to turn their shop into the online store and start selling to online consumers within days, and require no technical or logistical operation setup because LOCA GRO has it all in place for them. Local businesses joining LOCA GRO will be able to access our payment online infrastructure; online selling and store managing platform such as mobile application and website; and our delivery solution.

Additionally, while many large businesses already have the delivery unit in place, they can still be able to use the LOCA GRO platform for their online sell channel, and use the advance GPS based delivery navigation system from LOCA GRO to ease their delivery process.


LOCA GRO application is now available to download free in the App Store and Google Play. The news and essential content will be frequently updated on Facebook Page LocaLaos

LOCA Laos is the largest ride-hailing service application in Laos, which has more than three years of experience with the largest private drivers network, guarantee by numerous business awards from 2017 until now.