The top Hospital and Veterinary LOCA customers choose

The top Hospital and Veterinary LOCA customers choose

If you are overseas visitors and need healthcare while you live in Vientiane, it is important to know that the medical system in Vientiane is mostly provided service only for local. To access the local hospital, it is very complicated for every foreigner due to the language barrier within staffs and patient. However, Loca is truly understood that an emergency situation could happen anywhere and anytime. So here Loca has summarised the list of international hospital and veterinary that foreigners can easy to access.


Alliance International Medical Center

Alliance International Medical Centre provide a medical care service for 24 hours every day for any emergency case and for both local and international patients. The medical centre located at the brand new Honda Centre on Luang Prabang Road just before the airport. The Alliance Medical Centre is a part of a venture coordinates between the New Chip Xeng company of Laos and Wattana Hospital Group of Thailand. The sleek designed floors and sparkling clean waiting room with well-trained staff give the first impression for every patient. As well as the facility and the advanced technology for medical care that every patient could rely on. You can contact the Alliance International Medical Centre via phone call (021) 513095.


LMC Clinic Vientiane

LMC Clinic Vientiane provides a high standard of medical care. The clinic developed into a high standard medical centre by ensuring patient-oriented care and providing advance and quality medical care. LMC has been enhancing it the functions as a medical care provider as well as provide laboratory service in areas of hematology, chemistry, serology, and pathology and offer diagnostic radiology service with brand new premium. The clinic located in the heart of Vientiane and opens 24/7. You can contact by calling (030) 5041994. 



French Medical Centre

Another options for the expat and every overseas visitor especially French patient, at the French Medical Centre, is available for any French and English speaker. The medical centre might be a quite small but friendly clinic where could provide you with quick service and short waiting. The clinic also got a variety medical care service that available for booking including dental care, physiotherapy, osteopathy, ultrasound, dermatology, orthopedic surgeon, speech therapy and psychotherapy. The French Medical Centre located in Kouvieng Rue Simuang and opens from 8:30 AM to 12 PM and reopen at 1:30 PM to 5PM  on a weekday and from 9 AM to 12 PM, reopen at 1:30 PM to 7PM on the weekend. You can contact (021) 214150 for booking or request for further service.


Animal Doctor International

Everyone needs the doctor, either your pet. In case of your pet need help from the skilled veterinarian and qualified team, Animal Doctor International is available for you. The clinic is a full-service veterinary driven by a passion for excellence. The clinic provides compassionate clinical care with high technology and high skilled intention veterinarians to deliver the best service and personalized care for your loved pets. The Animal Doctor International opens every day from 9AM to 8PM and 24/7 for emergency and critical care. You can either call (021) 316410 or (020) 77141144 for the service.


IVET Center

IVET Center provides you with the premium quality of pet care and the ultimate service of the animal hospital. Your pet will have a premium treatment by the veterinarians from Thailand. Moreover, IVET got well equipped with medical devices and high technology diagnostic tools with the experienced and well-trained groomer. IVET provides the various medical care service for your loved pet including general health care, vaccination programs, surgery with standard operation room and anesthetic machine, dental care and annual check-up programs, wheelchair for handicap animals and blood testing.  IVET also has further service apart from medical care like grooming and pet hotel as well. So you can trust that you leave your pet with the right hand. IVET Centre located in Dongpalane Village and opens every day from 9 AM to 8 PM. If you are interested in this service, you can contact them by calling (021) 454839 or (020) 55463587


Disclaimer: The information provided above is from our team observation and data indicator. We have no intention of any kind nor that we are paid to directly promote these services. If you feel the information is incorrect or misunderstood, please inform our team at [email protected]